Chapter 3.4

Now that she was home again, fresh from graduating university, Aurora was ready to start her criminal career at the Llama Corp Shipping Co. warehouse.

Screenshot-5174 Screenshot-5176Aurora’s boyfriend Derek had moved to Twinbrook like he’d promised. Although he was renting a room in town, he spent so much time at the Maldini house he practically lived there.

Screenshot-186Derek didn’t have a job, but he managed to make some money on the side by doing commissioned murals in car parks around the town.

Screenshot-189 Screenshot-195His real passion, though, was for writing science fiction novels.

Screenshot-112 In fact he had just started his first book “Adventures in Space, Time and Other Places”.

Screenshot-212Alec’s girlfriend Ann was also a regular visitor.

Screenshot-6047 Screenshot-6048They had only been dating for a couple of months since finishing University, but Alec was as impulsive as his mother when it came to matters of the heart. When Ann came over to visit one weekend, Alec got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Screenshot-6060 Screenshot-6063Ann was thrilled and immediately said yes!

Screenshot-6066The young couple wanted to get married as quickly as possible, so they sped ahead with their wedding preparations.

The evening before the wedding, the boys threw Alec a Bachelor party at a nightclub in town.

Screenshot-2Alec’s step-father Israel was there, as was his uncle Tristan and Derek.

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-10Even Celeste’s boyfriend Tyree showed up for the party.

Screenshot-62They had a blast – and all drank a bit too much!

Screenshot-6 ScreenshotBack at home, the bachelorette party was less of a success – Aurora had to work and Ann decided to go to bed early in preparation for the big day.

So it was just Esmerelda and Celeste left to party on.

Screenshot-50Celeste knew she definitely drank too much – she had a strange memory of dancing on the kitchen counter!

Screenshot-58The family had recently invested in doing some work to the back of the house, including adding a pool and a deck. They rushed to have the deck ready in time for Alec and Ann’s wedding.

Screenshot-55But unfortunately the day of the wedding brought a torrential downfall of rain, making an outdoor wedding impossible.

Screenshot-6076So they set up for the ceremony in the entrance hall of the house.

Screenshot-54Though it was a dark and gloomy morning, nothing could dampen the spirits of the Bride and Groom on their special day.

Screenshot-70The whole family gathered around the watch Alec and Ann say their vows and exchange rings.

Screenshot-76 Screenshot-80Though it had been an impulsive wedding, Alec had never felt more certain that Ann was the right girl for him, and all the family was pleased to see that he had found some one who suited him so well.

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-87They had no sooner cut the cake and sat down to eat it when the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds.

Screenshot-95Alec and Ann went to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine while they discussed plans for their honeymoon.

Screenshot-105Screenshot-107After a holiday abroad, they planned on moving to a place of their own. Though Esmerelda would have been happy for her son and daughter-in-law to continue living at the house, both Alec and Ann, being generally good virtuous people, felt a bit uncomfortable with the family’s criminal behavior.

Certainly the family did little to hide their profession while at home. In fact they often forgot to change out of their work uniforms as they went about their daily lives.

Screenshot-124 Screenshot-126Screenshot-129And with the unusual work hours of the job, people were sneaking in and out of the house at all kind of strange times.

Screenshot-119Esmerelda was just about to go to bed one evening when she received a phone call.

Screenshot-184Aurora had been arrested, and needed someone to come bail her out.

Screenshot-198 Screenshot-201When Aurora got home, she had to face her uncle’s wrath.

“It was a simple job,” Tristan snarled, “How could you possible screw it up? Good criminals don’t get busted by the cops on a simple job! If you honestly think you have what it takes to do my job one day then you’d better pick up your game. You’ve let whole Organization down, and you’ve let your family down too.”

Screenshot-133Aurora was furious. Everyone got busted sometimes! But she held her tongue. SheΒ  knew she’d show him one day – whatever Tristan might think, Aurora knew she was going to be a great criminal leader.

Now she just had to prove it.


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10 Responses to Chapter 3.4

  1. I am a little said, that Aurora’s first day at work didn’t end well… I understand Tristan, though. If the Maldini family wants to become successful and acknowledged among other criminals, every member that joins the ”dark side” must be very careful at what he does. I believe, that Aurora will be as good as everybody else once she will understand how to get along. Maybe she’ll be even better πŸ™‚

    I see Alec was luckier than his sister this time… I wonder where Alec & Ann will be going on their honeymoon… maybe some romantic foreign place? πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait for the next update!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Aurora is gorgeous as always. I love her nightgown. I see she’s amping up her “bad girl” persona by smoking. Derek is pretty hot. They look good together.

    Ann left her item Bachelorette party to sleep early? Wise girl but you only get one Bachelorette party (theiretically). Esmerelda and Celeste partying was hilarious. The wedding decorations are beautiful.

    Ann is so cute. Her outfits are so quirky I was wondering if her wedding dress would be too. She is a beautiful bride. I’m so happy for her and Alec. I wonder where they’ll honeymoon and move to…

    Poor Aurora, getting busted and then chewed out by her uncle. I hope she recovers just fine.

    • LauraEliza says:

      It was funny actually, after Shark died all his stuff went into Aurora’s inventory and so she just started smoking all on her own lol. The morning after her YA birthday I just found her in the dining room in her nightgown, with a cigarette in one hand and a drink from the bar in the other! So she did the bad girl thing all on her own πŸ˜€

      • I love it when the Sims have a mind of their own and a personality. It makes it fun. I’m trying to remember what her traits are and if they lend themselves to something like rebelliousness… cuz I don’t know what else smoking would fall under. Just a random thought.

  3. *theoretically
    Darn fat fingers on a tiny phone screen.

    I forgot to add sometimes I wish I had longer time to prepare for patries in Sims 3. More than just a day at least. I know you pause the game, but still. It would be more realistic.

    • LauraEliza says:

      I know! I wish the parties went longer too, it’s hard to get a chance to do everything you want to do. I think there’s a mod to make them longer, but I have so many mods I’m not sure I want to install another one!

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