Chapter 3.16

The weeks leading up the Jet’s birthday were insufferable for Ebony. He was the family heir and everyone’s darling. He was so great at martial arts, so athletic and going to make such a great criminal blah blah blah. Ebony was just the second child – and now that Jet was soon to become an adult, well it seemed like he was the center of everyone’s attention all the time.

Screenshot-781Luckily Ebony had a new hobby to keep her occupied while everyone fussed over Jet and planned his birthday celebrations.

Screenshot-858She’d started making family videos – much to everyone’s annoyance!


Esmerelda’s husband Israel was upstairs sitting at the computer in Isla and Ebony’s bedroom when he suddenly began to feel very strange…

Screenshot-785Israel was old, very old in fact and he had know his time would be coming soon. When Grim arrived he shook his hand, knowing that he’d lived a good life.

Screenshot-791Esmerelda was heart-broken at the loss of her beloved husband.

Screenshot-806She wanted to have a proper funeral for him, so the next day the family gathered together, all dressed in black.

Screenshot-820Alec and his wife Ann were away on holidays, so unfortunately they had to miss the funeral, but Celeste and her partner Tyree were there for her father’s send-off.

Screenshot-825Over lunch they shared stories and favorite memories of Israel.

Screenshot-827Celeste played at the pianoforte where her father had spent many an evening playing.

Screenshot-834 Screenshot-837

Grief was exhausting, and everyone was getting ready for an early night after the funeral.

Jet and Ebony went to say goodnight to their parents before bed.

Screenshot-814“So seeing as you were talking to me and Isla again today, does that mean you’ve gotten over your issues with us being together?” Jet asked his sister impatiently.

Screenshot-815“You know, I was thinking… Israel was our Grandpa, but he was Isla’s uncle, and that’s just weird,” Ebony retorted, “It’s also wrong and freaky!”

“For goodness sake!” Aurora snapped before Jet could reply, “Israel was my step-father so he wasn’t related to either of you by blood! And he wasn’t related to Isla either. Now both of you shut up and go to bed!”


Esmerelda felt lost without her husband and the sadness and loneliness of facing life without him threatened to consume her. But the morning after the funeral she woke up feeling happy for the first time since he’d died. She was happy because she knew she would be joining him. It may have only been a couple of days, but it felt as though they had been separated for a lifetime. But not for much longer…

Screenshot-876The Grim Reaper came and left while the rest of the family was still asleep.

Screenshot-879When Esmerelda didn’t come downstairs for breakfast, they went to check on her and found she was already gone.

Screenshot-885Everyone was terribly sad to lose both Esmeralda and Israel so close together, but it was some consolation to know they had not been apart for long.

Life went on, and a few days later it was prom night for Jet and Isla.

Screenshot-484Most of the other students at their school assumed that Jet, Isla and Ebony were all siblings. After all they all shared the same surname and all lived in the same house. Since no one had ever really made friends with the Maldini children, the assumption was never corrected.

Screenshot-471As such their classmates were rather startled when Jet and Isla arrived as each other’s date and danced together rather closer together than any brother or sister should!

Fed up with the strange looks and scandalized whispers, Jet and Isla ducked out of the prom early and headed into town and walked down to the water front.

Screenshot-474“This is where my parents were married,” Isla said sadly. “We’ll never be able to get married will we?

“No,” Jet replied softly, “I’m afraid that would seriously blow your cover when you start your new job.”

Screenshot-478“With me working in the police force, we’ll always have to appear to be enemies to the rest of the world,” Isla said slowly, “Jet… soon we won’t even be able to be seen in public together. Do you realize that? I have to pretend to be working against my family – we’ll never be able to be together away from home.”

Tears were welling up in her eyes as she began to think about what the future would hold for them.

“Don’t think about it. We’re can be together now, let’s forget about everything else,” he told her, and kissed her gently.

Screenshot-479Isla had decided she didn’t want a big fuss for her birthday. With Israel and Esmerelda so recently passed away, she didn’t feel like having a party.

Tristan insisted his daughter have a birthday cake though, and he got one made specially for her in purple, her favorite colour.

Screenshot-912Screenshot-916Isla was now a Young Adult, gaining the Athletic trait. She chose Perfect Mind, Perfect Body as her Lifetime Wish.

Screenshot-920For Jet’s birthday the next day they had booked a table at the new Bistro in town.

Screenshot-952 Screenshot-953It was only a small group of them in the end, with the absence of Jet’s grandparents keenly felt, and none of his aunts and uncles besides Caleb able to attend. Alec and Ann were still away on holidays and Celeste was pregnant and feeling unwell so she and her partner Tyree had decided not to come.

Screenshot-954 It was exactly what Jet wanted for his birthday though, a nice dinner out with those he cared about most.

Screenshot-962After everyone had finished eating, they gathered around to watch Jet blow out the candles on the birthday cake they had brought with them.

Screenshot-966Screenshot-971Jet had now entered into adulthood and was ready to take his place in the family’s criminal empire. His new trait was Over-emotional, and his lifetime wish the same as his mother and great-grandmother before him – to one day become the most feared of all criminals – the Emperor of Evil.

Screenshot-974Welcome to Generation 4!


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5 Responses to Chapter 3.16

  1. Hi Laura, this chapter was amazing, I truly loved everything about it!
    It was sad and beautiful at the same time… Jet and Isla both grew up so well, I bet they have some great genes to pass on 😉
    I have always wondered why EA never introduced the funeral in the game. It would be nice to have a ceremony at the graveyard…
    That screenshot of Twinbrook is beautiful. I kinda like this town more during the rain… it’s so moody 🙂

    • LauraEliza says:

      Thank you 🙂 I know I can’t wait to see what their children look like! I only just realised that you can throw a funeral party straight after someone dies – it’s pretty much just like a normal party with the option to share stories about the deceased sim. I love Twinbrook, especially the swamp area, it’s so gloomy and mysterious!

  2. Isla and Jet are gorgeous adults. I hope they can still make their relationship work. I felt so sad when Isla said they’d never be able to get married but it makes sense. I’m sad for the loss of Esmeralda and Israel. I am looking forward to the next installment of the Maldini crime family.

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