In this legacy I will be following Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge rules which can be found here

I will also be adding an extra element to my legacy by making it a crime legacy. As such I will be playing with some additional rules.

The heir that carries on the next generation will always be the first born child. If that sim dies, then the next eldest sibling still living within the legacy home will take their place. (This is partly because it may take a while to get enough people following my legacy to make a vote for the next heir possible, and also partly because I am playing quite far ahead in the game. If these situations change then I may modify this rule later in the legacy).

In each generation the heir and at least one of their siblings must enter the criminal career path. the heir may choose either the Evil or Thief branch (depending on the Lifetime Wish they have chosen) and any one of their siblings must choose whichever criminal career path they have not. That way, each generation of the Maldini family will have an Emperor of Evil and a Master Thief to carry on the criminal legacy!





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