Chapter 3.12

Now that she was getting older, Esmerelda had taken a step back from the family business. The onset of rheumatism in recent years had meant she was no longer able to actively work as a thief, and her role was now purely managerial.

With Aurora working long hours, and Derek having zero interest in his children, Esmerelda was more than happy to spend much of her time at home looking after her little granddaughter Ebony.

Screenshot-940Jet and Isla didn’t need any baby-sitting. With their birthdays just around the corner, they were enjoying the last few days of their childhood.

Esmerelda’s husband Israel had purchased a row boat with the idea that he might take up fishing, however it hadn’t been used since he’d bought it. Jet and Isla begged him to drop them and the boat off down at swamps so they could spend the day there.

Screenshot-951It was a gloomy setting, but they liked it. They had no idea that Isla’s father and Jet’s mother had committed murder barely 100 yards away, or that the bones of Jade Racket still lay in the shallow water of this very swamp…

Screenshot-946They just found the setting spooky and interesting and liked the fact that the area was almost always deserted.


Isla had decided to take advantage of the hot sunny weather and have a pool party for her birthday.

Screenshot-1000The whole extended family turned out to have a barbeque lunch on the deck.

Screenshot-997 Screenshot-1009Jet challenged his aunts and uncle to a game of dominoes.

Screenshot-1013Then it was birthday cake time!

Screenshot-1024Tristan’s daughter was now a teenager! She grew up to be beautiful just like her mother and got the Brooding trait.

Screenshot-1025Screenshot-1078The pool party went on into the evening.

Screenshot-1035 Screenshot-1065And Aurora’s boyfriend Derek celebrated a birthday of his own – he was now an Adult!

Screenshot-1050The day after Isla’s party dawned just as bright an sunny, which was lucky as it was now Jet’s birthday.

This time the family decided to spend the day out, and they met up at the Summer Festival in the middle of town.

Screenshot-1083The “gentlemen” of the family decided to have a hotdog eating contest.

All dignity was thrown by the wayside as Tyree, Jet, Tristan and Alec battled to stuff as much sausage and bread into their mouths as possible.

Screenshot-1087Alec won! Not that the results came as much of a surprise to those who were related to him…

Screenshot-1092Afterward, they headed down to the beach.

Screenshot-1110Those of them who hadn’t stuffed themselves full of hotdogs enjoyed a picnic lunch by the water.

Screenshot-1112It was a rare opportunity for them to be all together away from home and away from the stresses of running a criminal empire.

Screenshot-1117 Screenshot-1118They spent a leisurely afternoon before gathering in a large gazebo that overlooked the beach to cut the the birthday cake.

Screenshot-1121Jet aged up to a teenager and got the Supernatural Skeptic trait.

Screenshot-1132 Screenshot-1143To complete to onslaught of birthdays in the family, Ebony aged up into a child without a cake or a party! She got the Light Sleeper trait.

Screenshot-1142 Screenshot-1146With Ebony now starting school and Jet entering high school, Aurora couldn’t believe how fast they had grown up. She could only wonder what kind of people her children would grow up to be, and hope that they would be ready when the time came for her to pass the family legacy on to them.


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5 Responses to Chapter 3.12

  1. Wow! All the kids look so beautiful! There are truly great genes flowing in the Maldini family. I can still remember who is who, but I will check the family tree anyway 🙂

    PS: I loved the screenshots of Jet and Isla in the boat! Is it possible to get it in TS3 Store?

    • LauraEliza says:

      Yup, they’re a pretty good-looking bunch! 😛
      The row boat just came with the Island Paradise expansion pack. It’s really cute that kids can use it (there’s an actual rowing animation too) and I love the swamp area in Twinbrook it always looks so awesome in screenshots 🙂

  2. Boating in the swamp was a little creepy. I’d totally forgotten about the “murder.” *shocking*

    Isla is so beautiful, and so is little Ebony. I’m sad to see the family growing up knowing they’ll move out. This family truly has gorgeous genes.

    • LauraEliza says:

      I love the swamp area in Twinbrook – it really is super creepy and great for taking pictures!
      I was lucky they all grew up so good looking (Ebony is a YA in the game when I last played and she is absolutely stunning!) 🙂

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