Chapter 3.13

It was a regular Sunday at the Maldini household.

Esmerelda baked blackberry pie, like any regular grandmother who wasn’t a master thief would.

Screenshot-16Jet and Isla decided to pass time while waiting for the pie to cook by sparring in the dining room.

Screenshot-27Caleb was a skilled martial artist, and he had started training the two teens.

Screenshot-45It was the beginning of Autumn, and that Sunday Tristan spent almost the entire day out in the yard raking leaves.

Screenshot-18 After he raked the leaves into piles, he set fire to them.

Screenshot-30This was the quickest and easiest way to dispose of all the dead leaves, but it was best done in open spaces…

Screenshot-33Screenshot-36It seemed like it would be all be fine – until one of the hanging chairs caught alight!

Screenshot-38Derek ran out to see what was happening.

“You set the chair on fire you fool!” he shouted as more family members rushed out to see what the commotion was.

Screenshot-39Tristan didn’t take kindly to being called a fool, and continued to blast Derek with the fire extinguisher for several moments after the fire had been put out!

Screenshot-41This ordinary Sunday was the lead up to an exciting Monday for Caleb, Jet and Isla. Caleb had a job to do for the family business overseas, and he was taking the two teenagers with him. Seeing as they had taken such an interest in martial arts it seemed fitting that they should get to visit the country where the practice had originated.

They arrived in Shang Simla around noon.

Screenshot-75Screenshot-72After they had put their bags away in their rooms, they decided how they were going spend their first afternoon in China.

Their first stop was the martial arts training center. Set up in the hills, it was place of tranquility and meditation where all the best martial artists visited to train.

Screenshot-90Jet and Isla were both fast learners, and very disciplined so it wasn’t long before they moved up to the next grade of belt.

Screenshot-98They soon decided to test out their new moves in a friendly sparring match.

Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101Isla won the first match 2-1, but Jet was determined not to be outdone, and beat her in their second bout, while Caleb practiced some flashier moves in the background.

Screenshot-105They ended up spending the entire afternoon at the training center before heading back to the base camp for a hastily prepared meal.

After dinner, Jet and Isla went outside and sat on the balcony.


“I can’t believe we’re really here!” Isla said as she stared out at amazing view.

“I know,” Jet replied, “It’s pretty amazing. I mean we’ve never even been out of Twinbrook before and now we’re all the way in China!”

Screenshot-113“I just want to stay here forever,” Isla said, and shifting around, she lay down on her back with her head resting on Jet’s lap.

“What are you doing?” he asked, surprised.

“Looking at the sky,” she replied, “There’s so many stars here.”

Screenshot-117Jet looked down at Isla, taking in the minute details of her face, with her creamy smooth skin and long black eyelashes. His eyes traced the soft curve of her full lips and he found himself wondering just what it would be like to… NO! You can’t think about that, he told himself sternly, she’s your cousin!

She’s only your mother’s cousin, she’s not even that closely related… a second voice in his head whispered.

We grew up together, he argued with himself, she’s practically my sister!

“Are you alright?” Isla asked, staring up at him, a quizzical expression on her pretty face.

Jet smiled at her and forced himself to relax, “Yes, I’m fine.”

She smiled back and he felt his heart skip a beat.

You’re being ridiculous, he told himself, as he lay back and stared up at the sky, with the warmth of Isla’s head resting against his stomach, before this trip you practically never even noticed she was a girl and now you’re feeling all strange just because she smiled at you, and thinking about… well… stuff you shouldn’t be thinking about. I really hope this goes away! Maybe it’s just being in a different place that’s making me look at her differently.


Their first day in Shang Simla was already over, and as Jet stared up at the sky he could only wonder at what the next day would bring.


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9 Responses to Chapter 3.13

  1. tripofficial says:

    Don’t do it Jet! Wait until “first cousin” isn’t ANYWHERE in the description.
    Read through the legacy today and I like it. 😀

  2. blamsart says:

    Ohhh things are happening!

    I really like those last poses for Jet and Isla! Do you remember where you got them?

  3. Yay! Shang Simla. I haven’t played there since ages, makes me wanna open my game and have someone travel there 😀
    Jet and Isla look so nice together. Only theoretically, would it actually be possible for them to get married in the game? I already forgot if it was possible to marry a distant relative… However, it would be a bit weird if that happened 🙂 Nice update, I’m looking forward to the next one 😉

    • LauraEliza says:

      Shang Simla is so pretty 🙂 I’ve had World Adventures forever, but I’ve never fully explored the it.
      Well the game doesn’t actually recognize Jet and Isla as being related as it only follows family members up to first cousins… so… basically anything goes! 😛

  4. I finally got a chance to read more of the Maldini legacy. I need to finish it soon. I’m so far behind in my reading. Mmmm… blackberry pie is making me hungry. I’ve made strawberry and blueberry from scratch, but never blackberry. Must attempt one now. Shang Simla is gorgeous. I really should travel there more in my games.

    Uh oh! Jett and Isla… hmmm… is she a first cousin? I can’t remember if the Sims allows for cousin relationships. I wonder what’s going to happen with those too. Their poses were cute. Great chapter as always!

    • LauraEliza says:

      I’ve hardly traveled at all in my games so I still haven’t properly explored the three travel locations yet! They’re all so pretty, but I think Shang Simla is my favorite 🙂
      The Sims don’t allow first cousin relationships (although it actually is legal in most of the world) but Jet and Isla are cousins once removed as she’s actually his mother’s cousin (being Tristan’s daughter who is Aurora’s uncle – I know it’s confusing!) so the game doesn’t recognize them as being related.
      Good luck with the pie making! I’m feeling hungry now too… 😀

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